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Scene:  Pearl and the Man of the House are filling a plastic black cauldron with candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Pearl:  I’m just going to taste this one to make sure it’s good enough for the children.


Scene:  Family has returned home from shopping trip and a treat at Dairy Queen.  Lady and Pearl are sitting on couch.  Daisy is hyped up on sugar.

Daisy: I wish I had one of those swings with a bar like this in here and I could go like this. . .[Runs across living room holding on to imaginary swing.]  and like this. . .[runs across in other direction] and then flip like this. . .

Lady:  You mean a trapeze?

Daisy (offhand): Yeah.


Scene:  Lady and Daisy are buying donuts for the family.  They are pulling out of the parking lot, headed back to the grandparents house.

Daisy:  I wish a dozen meant a hundred donuts.


Scene:  It is the morning after Halloween.  Lady wakes up to hear Daisy and Pearl arguing.

Daisy:  You need to eat cereal if you’re hungry, Pearl.

Pearl (whines):  My tummy is growling for candy!!

Lady:  Come here, Pearl.  (Pearl comes.)  We don’t eat candy for breakfast, Dear.

Pearl:  But I’m not eating breakfast, I’m eating candy.