The conversations my children have are such a source of amusement to me, my family, and my facebook friends. My cousin recommended I blog about them. I have consulted the girls and they have given me consent (at least the ones that can talk) to share their words with you. However, to protect their privacy, we have decided to use alternative names for them.

I call my girls “Little Women” to get their attention in public to get them to follow me or whatever. It began as a reminder to myself that I was not just caring for girls, but raising future women. They are women-in-training, so to speak. It wasn’t until I had been calling them that for a while that it occurred to me that it was the title of Louisa May Alcott’s famous book. Go figure.

My biggest little woman “Daisy”.

She chose her pseudonym herself. Daisy is our little star. She adores being the center of attention. When she was 4 years old, she finished her first year of dance class with the recital, of course. I asked her what she wanted to do now that it was summer and she was done with dance. She thought a while and proclaimed, “I want to be on stage again!” That summer she began taking acting classes at our local civic theater. She is naturally loud (a gift I lack), well-spoken, and a big help to her Mama. She is, in fact, like a daisy. Sunny, happy, bright!

Next is “Pearl”. She also goes by Moochie around here.

Moochie acquired her nickname when she was a baby. She was the sweetest, floppiest, little baby. Just so smoochie-moochie! But as Moochie is not a proper name, we’ve chosen Pearl. It suits her. Pearl is a hoot. She’s extremely sensitive, quieter and doesn’t mind playing by herself. But she’s equally happy playing with her sisters or neighborhood kids, and she can be explosively loud. She is naturally kind, but has a mean streak when she’s mad. She doesn’t pronounce her r’s which makes her speech sound baby-ish and makes her big thoughts even funnier. She is a classic middle child. She brings balance to the force.

And then there’s “Midge”.

Midge, short from Smidgen, is our tiniest blessing. She was born last and smallest. She’s still unusually small for her age which suits us just fine. I don’t want my baby growing up too fast! And yes, her doctor has tested her to make sure she’s just small and nothing else is going on. Midge is a joy, as all one year olds are. She explores the world with gusto. She reminds us of Daisy in her exuberance and Pearl in her squishy-sweetness. She adores her Mommy which I’m also fine with. Midge doesn’t say much yet, but she makes her mind known.  At this age, her most unique quality seems to be a gift with spacial reasoning, mechanical thinking, dexterity. She can stack, sort, manipulate toys that my older girls never “got”. She is most likely to take things apart and reassemble them when older.

So there they are, my Little Women.  Sugar and spice, thank heaven for ’em, ribbons and bows, pink, pink, pink.  Girls, Girls, Girls.  Now that they’ve been properly introduced, I can start sharing my silly stories with you.   I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.