I’m not being paid, I promise.  The Lady at Home could be swept away in an out of control balloon and Netflix wouldn’t notice.  I just really like these people.  Here’s another reason why.

So, occasionally, I’ve been known to work out using exercise videos.  I think most every woman in America has tried it at one time or another. 

But there’s one very annoying thing about workout videos.  You have to buy the dang thing before you can try it out.  So you spend twelve bucks or twenty or thirty and pop the thing in to your DVD player only to discover that the host of this show is annoyingly peppy.  Or she isn’t quite wearing enough and you can’t stand to look at her.  Or she’s doing the same moves over and over and over and over.   Or for whatever reason, it ain’t your cuppa tea.

What do you do?

Garage sale?  Ebay?  Pass it on to a friend?

You can read reviews online, but the thing about workouts is that nobody is exactly like you and everyone has different opinons.

Netflix has workout videos.

You can try it out before you buy it.  Yippee!

It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

P.S. After writing this post, I came across a website called www.collagevideo.com.  They have short video clip previews of hundreds of workout videos.   Of course, you can’t try out the workout, but if you have some idea of what you like, you can at least tell what the set, music, and instructor are like.  It’s a vast improvement over just chosing based on the video cover and others reviews.