I’m working on an apple tart recipe to share with you later, but today’s word of the day reminded me of a bit of trivia I thought I’d share with you.  So here’s the word:

flibbertigibbet: Dictionary.com Word of the Day

flibbertigibbet: a silly, flighty, or excessively talkative person.
Have you ever used that word?  I tend to think of it as a hyphenated mess Flibber-ty-Jibbit or something.  And though I’ve heard the word plenty of times, I can’t think where and I hardly ever use it.
Once upon a time, a little girl and her mother decided to dress up the little girls plastic shoes.  They took some hot glue and some buttons, and created little thingies to stick into the holes in the tops of her Crocs. 
But what would they call them?  Thinking of nonsensical words, they hit upon flibertigibbet and shortened it to jibbet.
After selling them in local boutiques, and eventually online, they sold their invention to Crocs for a million dollars or something like that. 
Stories like that always make me wonder:  How do you go from a cute little idea to a million dollar company? 
I have cute little ideas.  Most people do.  Short of pouring your life into every little idea you have, how do you know when you’ve got a winner?
Food for thought. 
I think I’m gonna go make some real food now.