Last year, I bought a discount plan from  For the price of a photo book, you got 20% off prints for the year as well as a photo book.    The only catch was you have only 30 days to order the photo book. Sounded like a good deal to me.

Since it was January, I thought, why not make a book of photos from the last year.  A yearbook of sorts. 

There are things that happen, everyday photos, and family functions that never make it into my children’s scrapbooks.  This would be the perfect way to catalog those things.  And all in a neat and tidy little book that takes up one-eighth of the space of a standard photo album.

I love it.  And I determined that it would become an annual tradition.

Can you tell I’m big on traditions?

So yesterday, I opened up my Photoshop Organizer and began searching through the photos from the last year.  My favorites, I tagged with the name “2009 Yearbook.” 

Then with a  quick copy/paste into an empty folder on the desktop they were ready to easily upload to Shutterfly.

Though not my preferred print company any more, Shutterfly has a lot of great features.  Like your own free sharing website. And the book creator that makes it super easy to organize a year’s worth of photos into a book.

It’s amazing how much things change in just one year.  I don’t feel like my life is any different than a year ago, but when I look back over the photos, a lot has changed.

My little one was still SO much a baby! 

Even my big girl has grown up a lot.

I think the funniest change I notice is in our family dog.  In February, she looked like this. 

This is my beloved Penny.  She’s gone to live with my sister now after a few biting incidents with kids.  They are extremely well suited for each other. 

But I was so broken-hearted about not having Penny that before long, this little thing came into our family.


Aww, I miss that little fluffy warm body and her puppy smell.

Then she grew.

And grew.

Man, that dog grew a lot!

It’s nice to look back over the year and remember things.  Some things seem so very long ago, like our family’s vacation last February, or the two-year-old’s birthday party in July, but it was less than a year ago.

And other things seem new still, but were in the works so long ago.  Last night, I discovered my first attempt and creating a blog header was in January.  I didn’t launch the blog until August! 

I always like looking back at photos. It solidifies memories, gives us a clue about who we are and where we come from.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Since I’ve probably used up my thousand words in this post, I think I’ll just close with some of my favorites from the last year.

(That’s a fairy house above, in case you didn’t know.)

No, they’re not the best photos I’ve taken in the last year, but they’re the stuff my life was made of last year.  And that’s what I want to remember.

P.S.  I know I promised you a soup recipe, but the memory card with the photos on it won’t load.  Excuses, excuses.  I’m working on it.