Welcome to the new year!  Will you say “twenty-ten” or “two thousand ten”?  It’s a dilemma. 

Remember when we used to say “eighty-seven” or “ninety-three”?  We just left off the nineteen.  Could we just say “ten”? 

Well, I’m eating my black-eyed peas today.  I wish I had lots of ’em, but I got the last one-pound bag of frozen peas at the grocer’s the other day.  (When it comes to peas, opt for frozen rather than canned or dried.  Frozen is closest to fresh.)

Which tells me, at least around these parts, people know the tradition/superstition.

Apparently, eating black-eyed peas on the first day of the new year brings prosperity in the year ahead.  The more you eat, the more prosperous, according to legend. 

The superstition goes all the way back to the civil war–so they say–when the Yankee army stormed the South and destroyed all their crops.  They left the funny looking peas thinking they were feed for the livestock.  Those piddly little peas may have been the only thing that some families had to eat until the next year’s crop came in.

Though I don’t set great store by them, I love tales of luck.  And traditions.  And so I eat black-eyed-peas on New Year’s Day. 

With ham and cornbread.


Yesterday, I talked about our resolutions for 2010.  Today, I want to share a similar concept.  Project 365.  Google it.  Everybody’s doing it. 

Just kidding.

Project 365 is a challenge to yourself to take a photo every day for an entire year.  Sounds simple enough, but it could prove difficult around day 237 when, gosh darnit, you’ve taken pictures of yourself, your kids, your dog, your friends, your friends’ dog and everything else you can think of.  Then the creativity will be required. 

But what if you’re not the photographer type?  Or what if you like the challenge of doing something every day, but maybe not the picture thing?

I propose your own Project 365. 

I’m intimidated and inspired at once.  What could I do everyday for a year that would make a difference in my life?

What would make me look back and say, “2010.  Wow, that was the year I. . .”?

For me, I think the most meaningful daily activity I could take on for one year would be reading the Bible.

That sounds so boring when typed, but if you know God, you know that a simple act like reading your Bible every day can take you on a fantastic journey you never knew possible.   And, I’m trusting Him to make it way more awesome than the self-focused photo project.

I may try the photo journey, but I think I’d end up taking way more than one a day and overloading my hard drive. 

I hope you’ll share with me about the things you are planning for the new year, too.

Now go eat your peas.  And pass the salt.