Tonight’s the night.

The last night of 2009. 

Can you believe it?  The first decade of the new millenium comes to a close. 

I’m still having a hard time believing I live in a different century than I was born in.  That almost all of what I consider recent history was last century.

So, how are you celebrating?

We’re having a couple of friends over, my friend Coco and her husband, let’s call him Mr. T. (haha)  Their kids will go stay with Grandma and my kids will go to bed early-ish and then the four of us grown-ups will sit around playing board games and eating  junk food.

Sounds thrilling doesn’t it?  We love it.

It’s a tradition we started a few years ago when Mr. T turned 30.  Game Night is just a time for us to hang out and laugh and eat without having little fingers steal off our plates or tiny voices cry “I wan some!”  And we always stay up too late, so it only seemed natural to combine Game Night with the only holiday where the main point of celebrating is to stay up way too late.

There’s another, more familiar tradition I think we’re going to take part in this year.  The Resolution.

I remember my first experience with New Year’s Resolutions.  My first grade teacher explained the tradition to us and gave us the assignment of making our own.

Do you want to know what I resolved to change about myself at six years old?

Get Organized.

Yup, it’s an obsession that began very young in life.  And it’s an ongoing pursuit.  Somewhere in my mind, every year that same resolution pops back up. January is a complete overhaul in our house.  Out with the old (stuff) in with the new (Christmas presents, organizing solutions, empty space). 

I think my six-year-old mind was actually thinking along the lines of “Mama always wants me to clean my room and put away my toys, but they don’t all have places so they need to be organized.”  Does that make it less weird or more?

Tonight, or tomorrow over breakfast, I think I’ll have my family sit down around our table and each name something we’d like to improve about ourselves.

I think I’ll make the little one promise to get potty-trained in the next year.   🙂

What will I say?

There’s so many things I’d like to improve.  Our financial habits, my disorganized home, my state of physical fitness, my patience, the time I devote to my marriage. . .

I guess that’s why you can live a lifetime and never run out of resolutions.  Good thing I don’t just save them for New Year’s.

The Man of the House asked me the other day, “How many New Year’s Resolutions do you think is feasible?” 

Hmm. . .good question.   I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics on how long most New Year’s Resolutions last. The odds are against us. 

And yet, that doesn’t keep us from trying.  Does that make us fools?


Indeed not.

It only means we recognize that we are not perfect and that we have the power to improve.  I think self-improvement is a noble pursuit. So with much enthusiasm, I wish you good luck in your pursuit and best wishes for the new year.

See you in 2010!