I’ve been away from the computer–no, just my blog–for a few days. The computer has been giving me fits!

The Man of the House received an iPod for Christmas.  We were both terribly excited about it since we’ll be able to access all our cd’s on one device.  He connected it to our computer and was told our version of iTunes is out of date.  Since he’s back at work, and has no time to fool with it, I took on the task of updating the program.

Well, long story short, I’ve had to update iTunes, then Quicktime, then Windows, then iTunes again, then Quicktime again, then debug.  And finally, unfreeze the computer.  With lots of restarts in between.

When I got around to dealing with my photos, Photoshop started giving me fits too. 

Last night, I released the mouse and walked away.  “I can’t do it anymore,” I admitted in defeat.

But this morning, with persistence and perseverance, I managed to get iTunes up and working.  I’m still hoping the photo thing will work itself out.

Hmmm. . .as I type, my Elements Organizer is frozen.  GRRRRR.

Humbly, I must admit, the malfunctioning technology was not the only thing occupying my time over the last few days.  I, too, received a Christmas present that cost me a couple of days.


Yes, the book.

I’ve become one of them.  One of those Twilight people. 

I don’t usually like to follow the fads.  I’m not one to read something because everyone else is reading it.

I was a Harry Potter person too.  But I justified that because I got into Harry before there were lines for book releases and no film contracts had even been considered. 

I was a fad-starter. (If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge for sale. . . though, actually, I did convert my roommates and my then-boyfriend/now-husband.)

But c’mon, Twilight???  That’s for teeny-boppers, right?  Okay, I started reading on December 27 and I finished the book on December 29.  I guess you could say it’s a page-turner.

And it is a little teenager-y.  Kind of a guilty pleasure, I suppose.  Reads like a teenage romance novel with a suspenseful ending.  I’m adding the film to my Netflix queue.

The person who gave it to me has the other novels in the series for me to borrow.  I’m going to have to slow down though.  I think my life would fall apart if I gave over a few weeks for three more books.

Soon, I’ll return to my regular posts.  If I can ever get the photos uploaded, I’ve got a great soup recipe to share.   I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of this Christmas with you.

We’re a wild bunch.

I managed to get a newer photo of the two of us! 

My brother and his sweet girlfriend.

Santa put sardines in Pop’s stocking!

In Texas, this is the whitest Christmas we can imagine!!

And I got a zoom-lens which means I can take sneak attack close ups like these: