Fear not, this part of the story is brief.  And c’mon, it’s Christmas Eve!  Why are you wasting time reading my blog? 

When we got home from the tree farm, we had to get the tree all set up in its tree stand and watered.  Then, we had to haul the decorations out of the attic.

Before we got to decorating, the little missus looked like this:

Is that precious or what?!

Okay, back to the story.  First, lights.  That’s my responsibility so there are not photos of that.

Then, the a bow for the top.  C’mon, do you think the Man of the House is making the bow?  No, that was me too, and I didn’t think to photograph it.

Finally, ornament hanging.  He got them all unwrapped and ready to hang.  Now it’s my time with the camera.

That ornament needed to go way up high.

Aww, that reminds me of an old photo I have.

Okay, back to modern times.

Whoops, apparently we didn’t kill the birthday balloons until after the tree went up.

One by one, the ornaments went up.

And pretty soon, our tree was finished.

It looks alarmingly like the artificial one up in the attic.  Maybe I shouldn’t tell anyone that. 

It sure smells different though!

Merry Christmas!

Heehee, on close inspection, I think there’s a piggy-back ride going on in the reflection on that ball.

As for my allergies, well, I tried to deny it, but my voice got all scratchy and my eyes were puffy.  We spent two days at the in-laws and it cleared up.  Now that we’re back home, I’m a little hoarse.


I guess Mom was right.