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By: Lois Houston

I am sure many of you are like 90% of us…scurrying around with your final shopping list and trying to work in those impromptu gatherings which seem to compete with an already busy schedule of Holiday activities (not to mention the “regular” activities we all have each week. Add taking care of a family and work to that and where is the time (or energy) to scrapbook?

Well, most years, it’s absent for me.  I generally take a break from scrapbooking from around, oh, Halloween, until mid-January.  I’m just too busy enjoying the fall weather, walking in the woods, taking the girls to their activities and then Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us and the thought of scrapbooking goes out the window.  My scrap space becomes repurposed for Holiday crafts and gift wrapping.  Sound familiar?

This year, I decided I wanted to do things a little bit differently.  Most years, I have few photographs of Christmastime. I am usually too wrapped up in the moment to remember to get my camera out and don’t want to spoil the spirit by jumping up and grabbing my camera.  But, after doing (a little) of the Project 365 this year, I realized how important it is to capture the everyday moments as well as the big events. (Never heard of Project 365? Check out some information here.)

I had seen several online scrap sites offering classes and some blogs featuring projects that encouraged you to capture the everyday moments of your Holiday season:

I’ve perused most of them and have decided to take a little bit of each to make my Christmas album this year.  Here’s my plan:

Make it Manageable

I decided on a cranberry colored 8×8 album (purchased at Michael’s on sale) and I’m using up all of my old “stash” of Christmas-themed paper that I have accumulated over the years.  So, this should be a relatively inexpensive project.

This is the cover page

I like the 8×8 size because it is easy to complete an 8×8 page – especially if you include a 4×6 photo and a little journaling.  So far, I have been able to knock the pages out pretty quickly.  Part of that is due to the size of the pages and fixed pool of supplies, but part of it is also due to the fact that I’m …

Pick Topics Ahead of Time

Journaling about a specific list of topics that I have compiled as a result of all the blog surfing I did (my suggestions are at the end of this post)  I’m also featuring my journaling in my blog daily and then printing the copy when I’m ready to do a page.  I try to snap pictures each day (even if it is just one or two a day) and keep my topics in mind when I’m snapping photos.  Then, I print the pictures on my photo printer, add the journaling and head up to my scrap room to put the pages together.  Most days, it takes me less than 15 minutes to do a page.

Documenting the weather this time of year

What I really, really like about this is that I’m…

Capturing the Everyday Moments of Christmas

Rather than just focusing on the parties, programs, and Christmas morning, I’m capturing ALL of the things that make this time of year special.  Decorating the tree, baking cookies, Christmas cards, special ornaments and decorations that have stories and meaning behind them, etc.

It has been really fun.  I have not been able to spend time on it every day like I had originally planned, but I have been able to capture (in words) a lot of memories and have the pictures (in my camera!) to go along with them.  I am planning to use the time I’m off work between Christmas and New Year’s to put the finishing touches on my album. (I’ll share some more pictures on my blog as I go if you would like to keep up with my progress)

Here’s another sample page

Have you thought about capturing any of the “everyday” moments of the Holidays?

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Christmas Traditions – are there any traditions unique to your family?
  • Christmas music – what are your favorite songs?
  • Christmas food – what foods say “Christmas” to you?  What are your favorite recipes?
  • Christmas cookies – do you have favorites you bake year after year?
  • Christmas cards – what are you sending (and receiving) this year?
  • What is the weather like at Christmas time in your part of the country? Is it cold and snowy or hot and sunny?
  • Do you have a family calendar for December? Does it list all of your activities? Consider pasting it on a scrapbook page after the month is over. Instant archive!
  • Christmas Tree – is yours real or fake? Do you cut it down or buy it from a vendor? Pre-lit, or you string the lights? Tinsel or not?

I hope these get you started… I’d love to hear from you about your own methods of memory keeping during the holidays.  How do you capture the moments?