Note: There are no pictures with the recipe because, frankly, you oughta know what ground beef looks like by now.

Last year for Christmas, I recieved a griddle/grill pan.

Griddle on one side, grill on the other. Cast Iron.  Heavy as a. . .as a. . .well. . a cast iron griddle.

I love it because even on icky cold, wet days I can grill.  It’s also nice because the Man of the House considers the outdoor grill man’s territory, and if I get a hankering for burgers or steak or grilled shrimp, I don’t have to wait on him to cook it.

Of course I could use the grill.  I have.  The Man of the House doesn’t even make me ask for permission.   He just thinks if the family needs grilled food, he’s in charge of it.  And he does a good job. 

And it’s kinda cute.

I wouldn’t want to infringe on his Man Territory.

So I have the grill pan.  And actually, I prefer the griddle side.

I mix up some ground beef and whatever else suits me.  Usually just salt, pepper, and onion powder.  Sometimes a dash of liquid smoke.  Occasionally a bit of worcestershire sauce. 

The other night, I was feeling very daring and I even put in a small amount of bread crumbs.   No, it didn’t make meatballs.  It kinda holds onto the juice, the melted fat. 

It’s a flavor sponge. 

Then, I butter and brown the buns.  Smear some mayo on it and that’s about all you need.

If you want, I guess I’ll allow you to put on a bunch of veggies and condiments.  But only if you bring me a signed permission slip from The Man.