Sorry for the absence friends.  No, I haven’t had any problems, just been holiday busy.

I love to come online and share my thoughts with you, to teach you the things I’m learning, and to encourage you when I can.  I love having you here to share in my silliness and all my projects.

For the last week or so, I haven’t had any projects.

I haven’t had any interesting thoughts.

I’ve been busy.  Don’t you hate being busy?  On the other hand, my house is clean, my washing machine is whirring and my children are fed.  I guess keeping busy is good for homelife even if it’s not so good for blogging.

A bit of Scrooge comes out in me around this time of the year.  “Stuff to do”, busy-ness, and visiting tries to suppress my Christmas spirit.  My mother used to get tense around the holidays and I thought, “I’ll never be like that.  I love Christmas.  I love shopping and wrapping and decorating and baking and. . .all of it!  No, I’ll never be like that.”

Then, just yesterday I caught myself thinking, “This is what I dread about December. . .” 


Where did dread come from?  I’ve got the money part organized.  I’ve listed the chores and broken them down to manageable tasks.  What’s the deal?

I realized I’d just seen a commercial about how shopping at Wal-Mart could help you avoid hunting for sales and spend more time reading stories under the tree.  Now, surely, that is not something to stir up dread. 

Then it hit me.  That commercial, even though it was about spending time with family, was still not what Christmas is about.  Neither is Scrooge’s turn-around in A Christmas Carol.  It’s not about baking or roaring fires, or stockings, or beautiful packages, or caroling, or spending time with loved ones.  It’s not even about giving to others.

Don’t get me wrong.  I approve of and enjoy all those things. 

But Christmas is about worship.  Remembering that the baby in the manger is God’s greatest gift to man–that’s why we have gifts at Christmas, did you know?–and that the baby isn’t famous because of the way he was born.  He wasn’t a star.  He was a humble, overlooked little guy, celebrated by only a few men.  Oh, yeah, and all the angels in heaven.  And he grew to become the most influential person of all time.  The savior of the world. 

Perhaps this is what bugs me about Christmas these days.  We’re tempted to believe that The Night Before Christmas is the greatest Christmas story ever.  That snuggling by a fire and exchanging gifts with our dear ones is the most wonderful experience.  But somehow, those things always come up lacking.

Because the greatest Christmas story ever is THE CHRISTMAS STORY.  And the whole story.  Not just the divine birth.  The life, the death, the resurrection.  It’s all there in the miraculous beginning.  And it the story goes on and on to include even us.  It’s our story, too.

That’s what Christmas is really about, Charlie Brown. 

This song really relates the divinity of this holy child we celebrate.

I hope you have a blessed December, and that the Christmas rush is overshadowed by the blessings of Christ.