Earlier this month, I wrote about the profound feeling of gratitude for an ordinary life.   So today, I thought I’d list the things I am thankful for that do not add meaning or depth or importance to my life but I am thankful for nonetheless.

I am thankful for:


Dr. Seuss.

Claude Monet.


Toenail polish, nay, pedicures.

My Nikon, digital photography, and low aperture lenses.


Pre-Packaged, purchase-able, Panko breadcrumbs.

Alliteration. *see above

The Postal Service.

Trivial Pursuit.


Online Banking.


Super Wal-Mart.

Cute Shoes.


Food Network.

Inside Jokes.

Christmas lights.  Anytime of the year.


Big Earrings. 

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.


Wedding gowns.

Second Chances.  (oops, verging on the profound.)

Baby’s head smell.

New hair styles.

Country music.


Photo slideshows set to music.

The circus.

And Puppies. 

Most definitely puppies.


I could add about a hundred more food items to the list.  And apparently I’m more superficial than I was aware of.  (shoes, earrings, makeup, hair. . .wow!)

This was fun.

Maybe start a new tradition.  We all know what we’re truly thankful for.  It’s important to remember those things.  Hopefully we remember to be grateful for them more than once a year. 

I try to practice an attitude of gratitude regarding my family, friends, health, wealth, home, and other blessings.  And my oh my, am I ever thankful for God’s grace and faithfulness.

But I hardly ever think about the little things.  I’m glad I did.