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Here’s the answer I promised you:

Yes, that’s right.  According to Arabian legend, the Cat is the offspring of a monkey and a lioness.

It makes sense.

I guess.

Doesn’t it?

I thought I’d mention that if you’re playing a trivia game you should know that the question often gives you a clue to the answer.  In that last question you’d have to think of an animal that would naturally be in Arabia, of course.

Sometimes it’s a statistical question, “How many out of ten. . . ?”  In Trivial Pursuit, it’s almost always one, zero, or ten. 

In one game version, every tennis question had the answer “Maria Navratillova” or “Andre Agassi”.  I didn’t really know anything about those two people, but I knew if it sounds like tennis, is is a boy or a girl?  There’s a good likelihood I can guess the answer.

Sometimes it’s the vocabulary that gives it away.  We had a question that asked about a simian movie.  Simian. . .I know that word. . .simian. . .what does that mean?. . .Oh yeah, ape-like!  Um . . . King Kong. 

No, it was Planet of the Apes.  But at least I had a guess.

If you watch Jeopardy, they bury hints in the clues all the time.  Alex Trebek will say, the best way to prepare for Jeopardy is to watch Jeopardy.  Because there’s a language to these games.

Oookay. . .enough analyzing my trivial strategies.

I told you I was a nerd.