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We’ve spent most of this month talking about inspiration… I want to change things a bit this week and talk about some design principles. After all, once you have the inspiration, you have to do something with it, right?

There are all sorts of “rules” about design. I’m not a graphic designer, so I don’t know them all. But I have learned a few along the way that seem to work for me when designing scrapbook pages. One of my favorites is called (to me) “Visual Triangles.”

Basically, the rule of Visual Triangles is based on this… if you create a virtual triangle on your page – with photographs, text, or embellishments; you provide a “path” for your eyes to follow as they view the page. Take a look at this example:

If you look at the embellishments, you will see that I have created a triangle of sorts.

This provides some framework to the page and guides your eye through the collage of photos and across the two-page spread.

Here is another example:

Do you see the visual triangle here?

Again, this doesn’t have to be with embellishments only. I just happen to have those as the triangles on these two layouts. It may be a triangle you create with a combination of journaling and titles or with photographs on your page.

The key is to think about what areas of your page you want the eye to focus on. Try to use those as the “points” of the triangle. The viewer’s eye will naturally be drawn to focus on those areas.

What are some design delimmas you have? If there is anything you’d like me to help you with, post a comment. I’ll either address it in a return comment or feature it in a future column!

Happy Scrappin’ and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!