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Yesterday I mentioned that just because we can’t afford it doesn’t mean we don’t buy presents for our family and others.

That sounds a little irresponsible.

I wanted to add that we do shop responsibly.  We have a limited budget for each person on our list, but if we find a great deal, GREAT!

For example, say my brother-in-law asks for a certain DVD that we’d all expect to be in the $20-25 range.  If by some stroke of holiday luck, I find it for $10, then we’ll spend the ten bucks and call it done.  No need to go searching for another item just so you can hit the particular value in mind. 

If it’s the thought that counts, I thought you’d like the DVD.  I happened to spend less than I planned, but I still got you what I thought I’d get. 

Does that make sense?  Sometimes when I say a word too many times, like thought, it starts to lose meaning.

Thought. Thought?   Thought.  . . is that even a word anymore.

More thoughts:

On second thought, I think I’ll save the other thoughts for tomorrow. I’ve shared enough thoughts today.