In high school, a boyfriend accused me of living a Norman Rockwell life.  I think he meant it to mean that I lived in a fairytale world with no problems, but I don’t think he really knew Norman Rockwell art. 

It’s no fairytale world.  Just a world of decent people. 

Take a look at this one. 

Man, I’ve been there.  Fortunately we now have mini-vans to tote all that stuff.

And this  famous painting does look surprisingly like my family’s get-togethers.

Just take a look at this photo I snapped as we set the table this weekend to celebrate my husband’s grandparents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary.

And some days, I mentally take a step back and look at my life.  Some moments truly seem so picturesque you have to just laugh.

Like yesterday, when by coincidence, my girls were dressed in plaid sundresses, eating apples and playing barefoot in the autumn leaves.


Heaven help me, look at those eyes.

I don’t mind having a Norman Rockwell Lifestyle.   As long as this isn’t part of it.

If you’d like to learn more about Norman Rockwell, there is an excellent Squidoo lens.  Click here.

Have a picturesque day!