Do you say fo-lee-uge or fol-yuge?  I believe either one is correct.

Just curious.

I think I say fo-lee-uge.  Three syllables.

This title was a bit of a misnomer.  I just really love alliteration.  These photos are not especially fabulous.  They are not only of foliage.  They’re not even photos.

Okay, they are photos. 

I thought I’d share some of my fall photos with you.  They’re not contest winning, frame-worthy, champion photos, but I think they’re nice. They are my fall in photos. 

I have a funny habit. I like to hold my camera away from me, not looking through the view finder, and click.  This one was with the camera resting on my dashboard.

I had parked under a beautiful, um, what is that a maple?  And the leaves that collected on my windsheild were just a rainbow of Fall. 

Here, two sneaky homeschoolers are about to throw leaves in my face.

So glad we have good friends.  Look at that bokeh!!  It’s like a glittering collage.

This is what my forlorn crepe myrtle looks like in November.  I like the softness of this picture. 

Can you believe it takes until November for us to get the fall colors.  I’m thankful we’re not snow-covered from now ’til May, but sometimes I’d like a little snow.

I’ve got some more fall photos coming tomorrow.