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I wrote last week about putting aside your guilt about not being caught up on your scrapbooks and focusing on scrapbooking things that inspire you.  This week, I’ve had several different things I’ve thought about scrapping, but the one that got me going was thinking about the irony around my newfound love of coffee.

Opposite from what I’d normally do, I sat down first to write.  I opened up MS Word and just started telling the story.  That was really what the inspiration was about in this case; the story.

Once I’d done that, I thought about what pictures I wanted to take to represent my story.  I grabbed my trusty camera and snapped a few pictures.

Then the real fun began.

What colors would I use?  How would I layout the page?  I wanted something relatively simple so that the viewer stayed focused on the story itself.  The pictures were really more supports or supplements to the story.  In this case, the story was the main character of the page.

Since I am scrapping digitally about 50% of the time, I decided this project would be a digital page. So, I opened up my handy software and got to work.

I started out with a journal box that was about 6×11.  I copied/pasted my journaling into the journal box. Then, I added some photo boxes and pasted my pictures in. I picked a few simple embellishments – some buttons and a piece of torn paper – to give the page a little “oomph” but not overwhelm the star of the show.

Here’s my finished product.

If you want to read the story, you can check it out here.

So, look for your inspiration this week.  It doesn’t have to be some big thing.  It can be the most mundane, ordinary thing in the world.  If it is part of your life, if it is something you are passionate about, or that you care about, it’s worth capturing. Remember, we’re focusing on scrapbooking about real life and working on things that inspire us or get our creative juices flowing.

I’d love to see some of your pages!  You can send them to me at: lois.houston@yahoo.com.

Until next week, my friends, Happy Scrappin!

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Hey Y’all, Lady here.

After reading Lois’s inspiring words, I opened my email and read this in one of the subject lines, “Do You Love Cookies?” 

“Why, yes”  I thought. “I love cookies very much.  Very much indeed.” 

So that’s what Lois is talking about.  I could scrap about cookies.  Me love cookie!

I have yet to try my hand at digital scrapbooking.  But this could be just the kick to make me try it.  It’s more approachable than a digital page of my little one’s birthday party.  

You can also share your images at Flickr.com by adding them to our group, The Lady at Home photo group.  We’ll post them here!

PS  No, I did not take that photo.  It’s obviously studio lighting.  Can you imagine cookies good enough to get studio lighting?