I recently heard that Halloween is the second-highest grossing consumer holiday.  I’m not sure if that is true, but it’s certainly believable.  We live in a neighborhood where trick-or-treating is huge!  People actually bring trailers full of children to our street to ask for candy hand-outs.  All that candy can get to be expensive!

Not to mention the costumes.  I’ve seen some kid’s costumes as high as forty dollars or more!  I also heard adult costumes are beginning to edge out children’s costumes in sales.   I guess that’s because it’s a little easier to make a child’s costume than an adults, but it begs the question, where are all these adults wearing their costumes?

Why to Halloween parties of course!  Parties can be expensive–with food and decorations and  music and cocktails  or cokes and prizes and  games and paper plates.  Yes, I just counted paper plates as a big party expense.  I’m on a tight budget remember.   

Have you seen some of the things people do to decorate their homes for Halloween?  Wow! It’s beginning to look a lot like. . .spending.

This Halloween, whether you visit your church’s fall festival, host a Halloween party, or take your kids trick-or-treating, remember that it’s not about having the coolest, most expensive costume, the best candy, or the most outrageous party.  At least, not if you’re trying to ditch debt. 

If your debt-free and want to give out king size Hershey bars to every grubby goblin that comes to call, more power to ya!  Just let me know where to bring Dorothy and the Scarecrow.  I would love a big ol’ chocolate bar.

I realize it’s a bit late in the game for this, but if you are still searching for a costume, check your closet.  Search the internet, search your brain.  Surely you have something in the closet to turn you into SuperMario, or Michael Jackson, or Punky Brewster.  I saw a guy on tv who cut a golf ball in half, stuck it to his forehead and called himself The Unfortunate Golfer. 

I still remember that from two or three days ago.  I don’t remember any expensive costume I’ve ever seen.

Some years, I do a great job on budget costumes.  Last year, I bought my daughter a dress on ebay for a fall pageant for only ten dollars.  A few weeks later, it was transformed into BoPeep’s dress.  A bag of cotton balls and a onesie made my little one a sheep suit.

Yes friends, the HOLIDAYS are upon us.  While that means lots of fun, family, and festivities, it can also mean a lot of debt.  Keep focused with me through these next few months.   I’ll be posting ideas to curb your spending.  Come January, we’ll have less debt, not more.