I read a lot of articles about how to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables.  I’ve never had to coerce my children to do that.  In the early years, I assured myself that it was due to my superior mothering skills.  I had trained that child to love whatever I put on her plate. 

I have since learned better.  There are too many wonderful mothers with children who hate veggies for me to think differently. Each child is a unique person with a mind of her own.  While mothers and fathers play an extraordinarily important role in shaping their character, it’s really impossible to teach someone to like, um, say, english peas. 

(The Lady has been known since childhood to swallow english peas with a swig of tea much like taking pills. )

Today, for lunch, I served one of my favorite short-cut products on the market.  I love these frozen veggie mixes from Green Giant.

My favorite is called Healthy Weight.  It’s a blend of carrots, black beans, sugar snap peas and edamame (soybeans).  I used to serve these all the time for lunch when I wanted to be sure my little girl was getting enough veggies.  Lately, I had sort of forgotten about them.  My younger daughter had never tried it.

So today, I was curious as to how they would react.  From my five-year-old, I heard things like, “Mmmm, the sugar peas are delicious, ”  and “I don’t like carrots, but I’ve never tried these before. . .not bad!”  (I certainly cannot take credit for that miracle.)  And this homeschooling mom’s treasure, “Can we eat the seed pods?”

From my two-year-old, “I love this fruit.”  Fruit?  She thinks it’s fruit? 

And my favorite, “What’s this?”


“Dat’s e-Daddy?”

Yes, that’s right, Daddy even outranks Mommy in the name of a vegetable.  Not Eda-Mommy, EDaddy. 

Anyway, I began all this to say, if you’re needing to boost the nutritional value of your diet without a lot of effort, these are good. 

And who knows?  Your kids may even like them.