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We tried something new with pancakes this weekend.  I usually prefer Pioneer Baking Mix (not pancake mix) for pancakes.  Yes, they are easily made from scratch, but somehow my from-scratch pancakes never taste as good as Pioneer.

But the other day as I was grocery shopping, I decided to try Fiber One Pancake mix.

We had tried their muffin mix before and really liked it, but I think the pancake mix was a mistake.  Seems like there is a lot of sugar in the pancakes.  I’m not sure the added fiber is worth the added sugar. 

Next time I want added fiber, I’ll just stick to the wheat germ.   Pioneer pancakes can take anything you want to throw in–raisins, dried cranberries, a little orange juice, wheat germ, walnuts–I call them trail mix pancakes.  Sometimes we’re really decadent and put chocolate chips.  I try to compensate by avoiding the syrup.

This mix did, however, hold up to being over-mixed.  With most muffins, pancakes, etc. you should leave the lumps and just let it rest a little or you could get tough baked goods.

But today I overmixed on purpose to get rid of any lumps.  Why?  Because I was funneling my batter into a plastic squeeze bottle (the kind you find ketchup or mustard in at diners) and the lumps clogged up the spout.

Putting our batter into the plastic squeeze bottle allowed us to squirt it into the pan to make designs.

Here, my daughter is making an octopus.

This Fiber One mix cooks extremely fast.  I’ve been making pancakes since I was standing on a step-stool and I’ve never seen batter bubble and set this quickly.  Weird.

She was so proud.

But my little one kept hollering, “I wan alligator pancake!”

I could never have done that without the squeeze bottle.

Of course, you can always try a Picasso Pancake.

Or perhaps I should call this a Pollock Pancake. 

This is what you get when you just want a regular pancake but you put all your batter in a stinking squeeze bottle!

Another trick is to first draw your child’s initial, then pour on the batter around it to make a circle.  You end up with a sort of badge with their initial in it.

Ahh, Saturday morning pancakes. 

Was there every a better tradition?