Hello, everybody!

My name is Lois and I’m going to be guest-blogging on the Lady’s Scrapbooking pages from time to time.  I thought I’d start things off by telling you a little bit about myself.

I’m married to the most wonderful man – my own personal Superman. (I thought I’d get that out of the way since I know someone will ask) We have been married for over 17 years and have two beautiful little girls (of whom you will see a lot in my scrapbooking pictures, I’m sure). I work full-time in the software industry but I am lucky enough to be able to work out of my home.  This allows me a great deal of flexibility to fit my life in and around my work schedule. (I’m very lucky, I know)

I have been scrapbooking since 1993 – I was introduced to scrapbooking at a mother’s workshop I attended with a friend.  I wasn’t the mother, she was, I was just along to help her with her newborn.  Together, we started scrapbooking. I was capturing the travels and escapades of two relative newlyweds while my friend captured memories of being a new mom. Soon, I was hooked.  I counted last night and I have over 50 scrapbooks sitting on the shelves in my living room.  I can’t believe I’ve done so many, but like I said, I’m hooked!

Right now, I have several projects in the works that I’ll be sharing with you over the next weeks and months:

  • Me: The Abridged Version – this is a scrapbook project I started after taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. (I love their classes) It focused on capturing details about your own life… but doing so in an encyclopedia-style way.  So, each page is a letter of the alphabet and I have entries which describe things about me that begin with that letter.  You can see an example here.
  • Project 365 – this is an idea I got from Creating Keepsakes.  Basically, you take a picture every single day for a year.  And then you create a 2 page spread for the week using the seven pictures you took that week.  The idea here is to capture the minutiae of every day life – things outside the birthdays, holidays and vacations we usually scrapbook but are really the essence of our lives.
  • A family album and an album for each of my kids – these are more traditional albums which, so far, have been chronological in nature.  I’m running about 3 months (at least!) behind on these right now – I seem to have more energy for the other album projects than I do these albums at this point.
  • Miscellaneous mini-books I create as the mood strikes me.

I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas, inspiration, and thoughts around scrapbooking with you – I’m also looking forward to hearing from you!  Please feel free to comment and let me know anything you’d like to see on this blog.  I’m hoping this will become a dialogue of sorts – where we can share ideas and inspiration with each other… and keep each other motivated to scrap!