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I recently mentioned that I would like to host a guest writer in my scrapbook section.  I was contacted by a lovely blogger known as Lois.

Lois has been blogging for some time now but has fairly recently begun to share her scrapbooking skills.  I love her post about creating a scrapbook about yourself instead of your children or family. 

In the future, Lois will be writing here on The Lady at Home, but for this week, click here to read about creating your own Me: The Abridged Version.

Apparently the concept is from Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, which I had seen in a magazine article.  The woman in the article created a book in memory of her dear son who had passed away.  On each page, a letter of the alphabet is the heading/title.  The journaling is then some small topic that begins with that letter.  A is for attitude, athletics, or alligator t-shirt.  B is for boat, bananas, or bad haircut.  Whatever details come to mind. 

If you have recently–or not so recently–lost a loved one, I think this is a wonderful way to preserve your memories of that person.  Having the alphabet to give you direction leaves your mind free to follow whatever thoughts come along.  It doesn’t have to be the big stuff.  After all, it’s the little things that make us who we are.  And it doesn’t have to be a beautiful scrapbook to preserve your memories, a simple journal would have the same effect. 

Well, this was intended to be an introduction to Lois’s idea and not a rambling of my own thoughts, but I’ve never been good at shutting up when I have an idea.  I guess that’s why I have a blog! 🙂

Be blessed!  I’m off to watch a rented movie and munch on pumpkin seeds.