I haven’t been able to stop singing that song since I wrote the words last week.  We did indeed have a great time at the Great State Fair of Texas.  According to the Oprah promo I saw today, it’s the biggest state fair in the country.  Well, duh.  Everything’s bigger in Texas!  And we love to have a good time!

Here we are waiting for the non-Mommy grown-ups to gather our lunch from the various hot dog, corny dog (not corn dog) and soda stands.  Notice Big Tex in the background.  My five-year-old was fascinated with him.  We had to pass by after dark just to see if he possibly changed into pajamas.

Next, it was off to the Texas Star–the biggest ferris wheel in North America!  Look how you can’t even see the hub from this angle.  That puppy is tall.

It’s a long way down. . .

And still a long way up to go!

It was the weekend of the Texas/OU game.  The Red River Rivalry, if you will.  We got a great view of the Cotton Bowl.  See the line of demarkation between the burnt orange and red?  I know you can probably see that on tv, but it’s really cool in person.

Half-time was a bit scary though.  Where’s Waldo?

Next, my girl got to participate in a stick horse rodeo.  If that’s not the cutest thing in the world, I don’t know what is!  She placed third in the bull-riding competition! 🙂 Hahaa.  I’m certain I’ll never speak those words again.

There was a petting zoo, and a puppet show, and a back-yard circus with lots of audience participation.  And of course, a few midway rides!

This and the Tilt-a-Whirl ride may have been the beginning of the headache that hit me on thursday. 

That’s their grandfather.  Don’t worry, I don’t let my kids ride with strange men.  Well, maybe I do, but he’s my father-in-law and we love him. 

I managed to get one last photo of that gorgeous ferris wheel before we left. 

Oh, and I never saw the fried butter.  Maybe next year.  We did try fried peaches, which tasted very much like peach fried pies.  I saw this sign,

but I was not brave enough to approach deep-fried latte.  What the heck is that anyway?

Have a great weekend!