You may have noticed I have abandonded the scrapbooking section of my blog.  I scrapbook about twice a year so trying to write and photograph myself scrapbooking each week was doomed to failure before I even began. 

(I would love to host a guest blogger about scrapbooking.  If you love the craft and have something to say about it, let me know if you’re interested in writing for us. )

I do, however, digitally process photos nearly everyday.  I made the mistake of uploading a disc of pictures today without first deleting the throw-aways.  Oops.  Two hundred and thirty-three photos.  From only two days of outings.

I thought I’d share with you my newest technique.  If you have some version of photoshop on your computer, you should try this.

To begin, open up a photo in you editing software.  I’m using this one.  It already has such lovely bokeh (blurry, out-of-focus stuff) and I thought it would look nice with some texture.

Next, open up a photo of some texture.  You can download these from the internet or take your own photos of interesting texture.  Flickr is a great place to search for textures. 

The texture I used here is one I downloaded, a photo of some sort of rust/corrosion.

On the texture photo, click Image>Transform>Free Transform (or just click Ctrl + T). 

Now go back to your original photo.  See down in the bin, there’s a thumbnail of your photo and your texture.  Click on the texture and drag it onto the original photo. 

Use the transform handles to stretch the texture layer to be the same size as the main photo.

Your layers palete should show one layer of the photo and one layer of the texture.

Click on the texture layer.  Change the layer type to soft light.

Voila!  Magic Textured photos!

Now, sometimes this is a bit too much texture. Simply adjust the opacity of the layer until you like it.

I knocked this all the way down to 35% and it still has impact. 

Go forth and photo-fiddle!