If you’re completely in the dark, Netflix allows you to make a list, a queue, of the movies you’d like to watch.  They send it to you, you watch and send back, and they send you the next one on the list.

We’ve been Netflix customers for probably over a year now.  In the beginning, when we had the free trial, we would get three movies at a time.  That way we could have one for each day.  There was never any wait time for one in the mail, and two always sitting by the TV ready to watch.

Now, we’re down to the cheaper one at a time option.  It may seem frivolous, but when you consider that we’ve been to the theatre only once in 2009, you see we have saved quite a bit with this option.  Plus, no late fees ever.

And that’s part of why I like Netflix. 

No matter how long you take to watch that movie or get it in the mail or whatever, there’s never any penalty.  The only incentive is that you can’t get a new one until you’ve sent in the old one.

Now, come with me on a strange journey into my brain and you’ll see the real beauty of this Netflix system. 

When a movie comes in the mail, it goes on my mental to-do list.  We need to watch that movie so we can send it back, right?   It’s there on the mental chalkboard waiting to be erased to make room for something else.   The same is true with television shows we record on DVR–we need to watch those before next week!–and library books, recipes to try, photos to edit, not to mention dishes to wash, clothes to launder, bills to pay, groceries to buy, the list goes on forever.

But Netflix is the only one that just waits.  That movie can sit by the TV for a week or more if you need it to.  It asks nothing of you, just waits until you want it.   TV shows continue to record, library books have to be rechecked or returned, and when I finally get through with all my projects, I’ll be dead.

I wish everything would just stop when you need it to and start back up as soon as you’re ready.

With a two-day wait while it’s in the mail.

Wouldn’t that be peaceful?

Now excuse me, I must take Bedtime Stories to the mailbox.