I just had my fifth cup of coffee today. 

That’s a lot of joe.

We got home last night at around 11:00pm.  Due to unusual circumstances, the Man of the House was on the road until 1:00 am.  Being the Nervous Nelly that I am, I stayed awake until I knew he was safely settled for the night.  He is at his parent’s home today so it was just the little women and me at home this morning at 6:30 am when the smoke detector went off!

Need to wake up in a hurry.  Set your thermostat to kick on the heat for the first time all season just before the sun comes up.  Our heater always burns off some sort of summer funk and sets off the alarms at the start of the cooler weather. 

But of course, I forgot that.  So, being the lone adult in the house, I switched into SuperMommy mode, jumped out of bed, and ran to my babies. 

Before I got to their room, the alarms stopped.   And I realized what happened.  My five-year-old was awake.  I asked her if she knew what that was and she said, “I thought it was my new alarm clock.” 

We’ve discussed what to do in a fire so many times, she could tell you with her eyes closed (like that matters), but apparently we need to actually introduce her to the sound of the alarms.

[Public Safety notice:  Do at-home fire safety lessons with your kids.  And set off the alarms so they can hear it.  Maybe schedule a drill.  And have a meeting place.]

Six-thirty is not early for most people, but it is for us.  Especially when the sun has not broken through my window.  And after being up so late.

So today, I am running on caffeine. 

Getting a lot done actually.  Maybe I should try this more often. 

Am I sliding down the slippery slope to a deep caffeine addiction?!!? 

Tune in next time! 


Enjoy the ride.