Wow, it’s been one crazy week around here.  For a few days, I was away from my computer.  When I got around to trying to post, the infernal technology wouldn’t work!  And now that I’m back up and running, I’m running out the door. 

We’re off for the weekend to visit the Great State Fair of Texas.  If you’re not from ’round these parts, our State Fair is a great state fair.  Don’t miss it!  Don’t even be late!  Apparently Oprah herself visited big D for the festivities.  According to our local news, the episode is set to air next Monday, October 24.  (Is that right, I don’t have a calendar around.  It may be the 22 or the 26 for all I know. But not an odd number.  That doesn’t seem right in my mind.  Perhaps that’s why it’s odd.  nudge, nudge.)   So, if you’ve never experienced the pleasure of deep-fried. . .everything or been forced to yell to be heard over Big Tex, I would recommend Oprah on that day.

But not any other day.  Not sure what I think of the ol’ gal these days.

When I return, I have to tell you about my favorite tomato soup, why I love Marley and Me, and show off some adorable photos from the pumpkin patch.

I’ll even let you know about the fried butter. 

Yes, that’s right, fried butter. 

What’s become of us?

Enjoy your weekend.