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The great thing about homeschooling is. . .well, there are a lot of them. . .for one, you get to customize the curriculum to fit your kid’s needs.  For example, if one student in a class is struggling with her math facts, the teacher has a tough decision to make.  Practice more for that student or move on for the others?  I don’t envy the task for classroom teachers–they are simply heroic. 

In our first grade class of one, when she needs a little extra time on something, we take a little extra time.  No biggie.

But there is a dark side to this homeschooling.  Even in the best organized, most meticulously scheduled homes, your lessons can be interrupted by something like this.

And oh, my!  The silliness is hard to control.  Once the “teacher” gets the giggles, it can be hard to reign it in.

Next thing you know, this.


And before you know it, things can get ugly.

Brace yourself. 

 I don’t know if you can handle this.

Are you sure?

Well, okay. 

Remember, I warned you.


I told you it was wild.

If you’re still wondering, those are pieces from a building block set the little missus was playing with. 


And yes, we did get back to math drills.


It’s okay to have a little fun!

Have a great weekend!