When I began this blog, I set one particular goal for myself. 

Post something new every day. 

I knew there would be a few days when that might not be possible, but I felt (and still do) that if someone was going to take the time to visit my blog, I could at least do them the favor of giving them something new to read.

This past weekend, I took my little family to see my big family in my hometown.  I uploaded photos to write about while I was away, but that didn’t happen.

Then, I began my new “job” keeping the baby this week and haven’t quite figured out the schedule.

Rest assured, I plan to keep up from now on.  I hope.  Don’t shoot me if I mess up.  Please.

Thank you to all of you who have visited the past few days only to see a boring old post that you’d read already.

Now, let’s get back to garlic!