Every now and then, you grab your camera, head outside and forget that you left the white balance on incandescent and the shutter speed way down for the low light and the ISO too high and basically your camera is ALL wrong for going outside. 

You shoot a picture and get something like this:

You do that, right?

Look at that photo!  It’s horrid.  It’s wretched!  The color, the exposure! Oh the humanity!!!

Quick, delete it before anyone else sees it!

Wait. . .look at her little smile.  I could never catch that from just the right angle with the perfect little expression.

So you don’t delete, but what do you do?

I did this:

No, it’s not perfect.  It’s still all “wrong”.  But it speaks to me.  (I feel artsy and phony at the same time when I say things like that.)

Would it speak to me if it were someone else’s daughter?  Maybe not as much.  But it’s my photo and I’ll like it if I want to. 

 For those of you who are interested in this sort of thing, I adjusted the contrast and temperature a bit in Photoshop Elements.

Then, I applied the cross-process action from CoffeeShop.  I didn’t use all the layers–it made the photo too yellow. 

Then I used the burn tool, set to a low opacity, on her eyelashes and hair and some of the edges of the photo. 

Oh, and obviously, I cropped it.

I would be happy to show you how I did all that, but the chances of anyone having a photo with all the problems of my original are about as good as my chances of winning the lottery.

And I don’t play the lottery.

But I do play with pictures.