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After four years of knowing about a certain children’s consignment sale, I finally remembered when it was and to attend.  (Thanks Z!)

It helped that the sale took place next-door to my daughter’s acting class and on the same day. 

So yesterday, I dropped her off and then I visited the sale.  At first, I was shocked at the prices on some of the home decor items.  There was a little cabinet for $40 that I had sold in a garage sale for $7.  (Hmm… maybe I’ll save my garage sale items this year for the consignment sale!)

Then, I found my way to the clothes.  That’s what I was there for, after all.  I was shopping for my older daughter. My younger girl gets most of her clothes as hand-me-downs from her sister and other friends.   She does get some new things for birthday and Christmas.  Hey, I’ve been the little sister; I know she won’t be happy with only hand-me-downs.

I found some great bargains. Gymboree clothes–NEW with tags!–for probably 25% of what you’d pay at the store.  And some adorable “gently worn” dressy-wear.  The Starlet needed some fall clothes for church.  Today she is already wearing a cute knit dress I almost didn’t get.  It fits her perfectly.

The other day, I mentioned to a friend that my children wear an odd mix of $5 Wal-Mart clothes (what I buy) and $50 Gymboree outfits (gifts).   Well, now she is wearing a sensible $7 Gymboree outfit. 

So, if you’re trying to kick debt’s butt, like I am, or if you just need to clothe a family without spending hundreds and hundreds every season, look for a consignment sale in your area.  There are also consignment shops that generally have a good selection, but you’ll have to check frequently. 

(Also note, when you are selling on consignment, the once-a-year sales usually offer a better pay rate than the stand-alone stores.  Stores are typically 50% and sales usually pay around 70%).

We’ve also found some terrific deals on ebay.  Anything new with tags is going to be good.  And, if you like the style, Hanna Andersson clothes are maintain their colors.  That’s right!  They do not fade.  So a previously worn outfit won’t look like it.  We have been very pleased with that little nugget of information.  That company sizes things differently so check the size chart on their website to know what to look for on ebay.

With the weather changing, in some parts of the country and autumn coming up in about three months for us in the south, I hope I’ve given you some help in finding those deals.  The most important thing to remember is that you have to look for it if you want to find it.  Happy Hunting!