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I consider myself an organized person. 

I like everything to have a place even if everything’s not in it’s place.

I remember as a child having the most difficulty cleaning my room when there were new things in there that didn’t have a place.  It was so overwhelming!  I have tried to avoid that whenever possible in my own home.

Now, that’s not to say I keep a neat home.  It’s just organized.  I’ve  known people who are opposite of that, everything looks neat, but don’t dare open a cabinet or closet!  Stuffed spaces make me catch my breath.  I feel a little claustrophobic in a tight closet.  (Hmmm…that actually makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?)

I have a friend who keeps everything neat and organized.  That’s amazing.  Her secret is, don’t keep anything you don’t need.  If it’s lost is usefulness to your family, sell it!  Someone else will use it, and you don’t have to house it anymore. 

To her credit, the real trick is that she manages her clutter all day everyday.  She just never lets it pile up.

My most useful tip is to get rid of things on a regular basis. 


Just the other night I was hunting for some allergy relief and noticed our medicine cabinet is becoming quite disheveled.  “We just need to move every few years,” I joked to the Man of the House.  

Every time you move you are forced to consider an item’s usefulness, purpose, and worth.  Not it’s actual cost, it’s intrinsic value. 

Do I love it?  Does it bring me joy?  Does it help me get a job done?  Will I miss it?

I am struggling to find how all this fits in with my newly-adopted Depression-Era mantra:

Use it up.  Wear it out.  Make do.  Do without.

Does it gibe?  Along the lines of caring for your stuff, I think so.  As far as keeping things around for their usefulness, not so sure.  Doing more with less?  Certainly.

I think that’s what it all boils down to.  Recognizing needs versus wants.  Do I need this?  If civilization ended tomorrow and I had to live on what I have, do I need this? 

Today, I open the floor to you, my friends.  What is your best organizing tip?  How do you manage Stuff?  Or, are you suffering from Stuff-itis?

(And, hey, lots of you are reading and not commenting!  Just a “Hey, Lady!”  would be welcome.)