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Yesterday was our first day of homeschool co-op.  I don’t have any pictures to share, sorry.  I had my camera, but it was raining so I couldn’t take any outside and I was the new-girl so I didn’t want to go around asking people if I could take their/their kids pictures to post on the internet.  That would sound creepy.

In case you don’t know, Homeschool co-op in most cases is a group of homeschoolers who organize to offer activities and classes that each family might not individually be able to do, such as a guided trip at the zoo, or a sports team, or art classes.

We arrived at Co-Op, which takes place at a local church, a little late.  I thought we were supposed to be there by 9:15, so I got there at 9:00.  Apparently, they wanted us there at 8:50.  Oops.

A nice lady began explaining all the rules about food, supplies, absences, field trips, etc.  I wish I’d had a handout, but maybe it’s not as complicated as it seemed.

Then we all stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance and prayed.  Then we broke up into classes.  I was surprised at the level of maturity they expected from this group of children.  “If you’re going to Dr. Seuss Story and Crafts, follow Mrs. So-in-So.”  I couldn’t remember my five-year-old’s schedule, how could she? 

In their first class, the students decorated name-tags for themselves.  On the back of each child’s name-tag, his schedule was printed.  Everyone seemed to find their way just fine.

Of course, it helps that all the teachers/hall monitors/teacher’s aides are the students parents.  They all know each other and where everyone belongs.

There are just over twenty families involved in our co-op.  The morning is broken into three class periods and one snack time.  Then there is optional lunch period and fourth period classtime.  Every mom (or dad if that’s who’s bringing the kiddos, I suppose) is required to teach or assist in two class periods and remain on the premises for their off period. 

I signed up to be in first period with my two-year-old, assist in my five-year-old’s music class, and then have off period last. 

It was a lovely morning.  Not nearly as hectic or confusing as I’d expected.  The other mothers were very nice and friendly.

I made a new friend, and as usual, my Petite Scholar did too.  As it turned out, they were mother/daughter as well.

I was just thinking, it was very much like school. Except no, not school, college.  Yes, oddly enough, it reminded me most of college.  Everyone had different schedules and carried their backpacks and supplies with them everywhere they went.  There is no home room, no locker, no little star with your name on it.  Homeschoolers have a different sort of way of looking at things, I suppose.