Today has been an unusual day at Lady’s House. We were expecting visitors this morning–that’s another exciting story for another exciting time–so I began my morning with tidying up the house. I usually begin my morning with coffee and news or blogging, so this was a big step up for me.

Lately, when the little one takes a nap, I’m so worn out from refereeing the children that I want a break too. Then, when we get down to schoolin’, before you know it, the little one is up again.

Today, I figured if Little One was going to be awake during school time anyway, why not get it done early in the day when we’re all feeling good.

So, school took the place of morning blog time.

I hope you will excuse my absence this morning. In an effort to curry your favor, and just make you smile, I share this silly little song. It’s actually, pretty much, the basis of every love song made these days.

Have a laugh.

Come back tomorrow for the story of our first day at homeschool co-op. And soon, I’ll tell you about that important visitor to our house today–good news on the debt war front lines!