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Does your kid have spelling words?

Do they ask you to study them?

Do I sound like an infomercial?

Last year, when we didn’t even have spelling words, I came upon this website and my Petite Scholar loved it. She began asking to visit Spelling City everyday. It’s partly the novelty of playing on the computer, to be sure, but she really loves HangMouse (similar to HangMan, but a cat chases a mouse instead of a poor soul meeting his end on the gallows).

This year, we are using Spelling Workout from Modern Curriculum Press.


It seems very basic, like she’s already learned this in phonics, but I’ve read that moving from reading (processing) to spelling (creating) words is very different.

I think that must be true, because while my daughter reads many words, she rarely spells them correctly. She could easily pick out the correct spelling of “good” from a list, but she would likely write it “gud”.

Okay, I lied. I just asked her how to spell good and she replied “g-o-o-d. One day you had it on my spelling city list.”  But I know there are other examples of that concept.

At spelling city, there are several games to play and then a test. And if you get it wrong, you can always take the test again later.

There are lists created by other users or you can make up your own. It’s really a totally easy spelling aid.

And great for homeschoolers or school-schoolers alike.