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Last week in my post Confessions of a Structured Homeschooler, I showed you how particular I am about organizing my curriculum. 

I like things to be orderly and make sense.  My family manages our time best when we have a schedule and stick to it.  We haven’t worked out the schedule this school-year, yet.  I’ll let you see it when it’s done.

Apparently, some of my time management has rubbed off on my five-year-old.  She was playing baby dolls the other day and created this:

The Baby Checker. 

In case you can’t quite read kindergartner’s spelling, I’ll translate:

The Baby Checker (aka check-list)

1:00 Get Dressed  (She wrote grest,  doesn’t “dr” sound like “j”?)

2:00 Have Breakfast and naps

3:00 Have a Bottle

4:00 Play Outdoors

5:00 Go In-Doors

6:00 Get Lunch

7:00 Get ready for Bed

8:00 Get Books Readen. 

The End Good-Bye

I thought it was funny that she started her day with 1:00 but she knew bedtime was at 8:00, even if it is just after lunch.

She keeps that Baby on a tight schedule!