On Sunday, I called my mom to see if she and my dad wanted to come visit us after church. She replied, “We need to go home first.  We had twins yesterday!”

After a second of confusion, I realized what she meant.   Not she had twins, she had twins. 

My parents live on several acres and raise a few cattle around their home. My dad is a farmer, but he mostly raises grain, not livestock. This small herd is enough to be work, but small enough to be a little personal. They’re interesting and fun to care for like pets, but sometimes they get sold, or well, um,  let’s not get into the fate of cattle. In agriculture, there is a fine line between caring for the animals and loving them. And that line should never be crossed.

But let’s not dwell on things like that. Let’s look at how cute they are when they’re little.

This weekend, we were pleased to meet


and “Tommy”

so-called after my parents long-time friends. (Isn’t that just what you’d want your friends to do, name a cow after you?)

Twins are a little unusual.  And boy/girl twins even odder.  Unfortunately, it’s not the best thing.  It can mean the girl will be unable to bear calves.  That’s not good for a cow.  That’s kinda what she’s all about.

It is the season for babies. Gwen and Tommy make six and seven new additions this year. When we visited on the Fourth of July, this little guy was born.

I call him “Pale Face.” He has other nicknames I can’t remember, but looking at him this way, I think he looks like a wrestler.

That’s a good healthy one right there. She’ll be around next year and soon start having babies of her own.

It’s been interesting having the cows at Mom and Dad’s. My girls aren’t “city girls”, but their Daddy works in an office so this is the only real taste of country life they get.

My in-laws live in the Big City and it’s such a culture shock to me to visit them. I’m glad my babies will be comfortable in either place.

I believe everyone should know which fork to use at a fancy dinner as well as how to get manure off your shoe.