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I’ve had to do Scrapbook Sunday a little different this week on account of I’ve got no “stickies” to build layouts and even if I did, I’m 100 miles from home in the big city meeting the newest member of my family, my husband’s cousin’s baby. That would make her my “cousin” according to traditions in my family. No second-cousin-once-removed-in-law mess. Just simple. We’re kin. And we love each other.  And I can’t wait to smell her little baby head.

But, I couldn’t let Scrapbook Sunday go by without giving you a little inspiration so, I thought I’d let you know where I find most of my inspiration.

A year ago, this was my favorite scrapbook magazine in production.

But alas, that was a year ago and it is no longer in production. It occurs to me that you could perhaps, find back issues online or through the publisher. They have a website, www.simplescrapbooksmag.com.

Here’s a sample layout from Simple Scrapbooks.

I love how it’s simple, yes, but well designed. There’s not a ton of stuff going on, but it doesn’t seem bare either.

I remember an article I read once about finding your scrapbook style, and motivation. You could be driven by the techniques, the products, the photos, the journaling, or just keeping up the memories. I find that the photos, journaling and keeping a log of our daily life is my cuppa tea.

Most of their layouts do not have several products or very involved techniques. And yet, I think they have a lot of impact.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a layout for several photos in one page, or maybe you just wanna shake things up. These are a few of my other resources.

Can-Do Techniques is a special issue or book from Creating Keepsakes. The next one is a hand-me-down Creating Keepsakes from a friend, and the last one, the creme de la creme,  Creative Sketches.

This is the second issue of Sketches by Becky Higgins. It is published by Creating Keepsakes. It looks like a magazine, but it’s actually a book.

It’s divided into chapters based on the number of photos in your layout. For example, you have 3-5 photos, you go to the first chapter and see some of Becky’s sketches.

The sketch is just a basic layout drawing, no embellishments or even specific guidelines, just a blank sketch of where the elements should go. It’s a great starting point, but you see how you easily create personalized pages.

She gives several examples of pages she and others have created from each sketch. And there’s even a selection showing how people have modified the sketch to fit a different size page or by rotating it.

This is one of my favorites. It’s a 12×12 two-page layout.

And here’s the same sketch on an 8 1/2 x 11 single page layout.

Once you get the gist of it, you can use the reference in the back of the book to locate your favorites.

It has a full listing of the sketches used in each chapter.

I never scrapbook without this on the table.   The only downside I find is that all the layouts are two pages, but I have a way around that.  If you want, say, four photos on one page, just look at the 8-9 photo layouts and choose one side.  The don’t all work, but some of them do.

I’ve also found some great online resources. I get emails from Scrapbooks Etc.that have a nice slideshow of different pages. I can easily browse through and save to my computer the ones that inspire me.

And Scrapbook.com is helpful too. Both websites have forum boards where you can discuss with other scrappers.

Perhaps this post hasn’t been very inspirational so let me end on a quick story.

Tonight, my two-year-old was playing with a doll and some diapers and saying, “I change diaper.” The Man of the House, who can’t remember a conversation two days later, looked at me and said, “That reminds me of when her big sister said ‘I change diaper’.” How did he remember that? Because there’s a page in the scrapbook about it!

If it ain’t in the scrapbook, it didn’t happen.

(Now, how to deal with the guilt that I scrapbooked when the first child said something cute and I just smile when the second baby does it?)