I have three little girls. I know, you thought I had only two.

There is the five-year-old


The two-year-old


and the six-month-old.


Her name is Lola.  She is a show girl.

No, not really.  She’s actually a mixed breed.  I just can’t ever introduce her without singing Copacabana.

Lola came into our lives through miraculous intervention. Think I’m exaggerating? Well, maybe a little.

Let’s just say that I rrreeeaallly wanted a rare and very expensive toy breed. I searched.  I found.  Man of the House reminded me that we could not afford a very expensive toy breed, especially one that is known for it’s heart problems.

I set my mind to buying my toy breed anyway, but I realized that was not respecting my husband, so I prayed that I would be able to find my dog and submit to my husband’s leadership. (I know, a dog became a spiritual matter? But it wasn’t the dog, it was the marriage.)

The next day, I went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and was greeted by my friend with “Hey, do you need a dog?”

I looked at her, puzzled and astonished, and said, “Yes. I really do!”

She, equally puzzled and astonished, explained that she had been trying to find homes for the “unexpected” litter of her Golden Retriever.

Later that day, Lola came home with us.

And she has been such a nice fit for our family. I still kinda want that very expensive little dog, but I can wait until a better time in our family. Besides, just look at that face.

She took a Puppy class at the dog club and learned to SIT, DOWN, and STAY. 

Just look at her sitting there waiting for me to tell her to come.  Oh, yeah, she learned COME too.

That’s a good dog. 

She’s had her Puppy Moments, but give her a few years and she’s gonna be really good.