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Last night, I must have eaten sensibly at dinner because by 10pm, I was hungry.  And not for dessert.  For real Food.

Hello Mozzarella.


I cut the cheese (did I just type that?  Sorry.) into bite-sized pieces. 

This would be better with fresh mozzarella.  Ohhh, have you ever had fresh mozzarella?  It’s smooth and creamy and soft and lightly flavored–so good.  But all I had was regular ol’ grocery store mo.  Not too shabby on his own.  My first favorite cheese.

Next, I beat one egg in a small bowl.

Then I mixed some bread crumbs,

what is that like 3/4 cup?  With some dried herbs–garlic powder, parsley, oregano, black pepper


and a pinch of salt. (I keep my kosher salt in a sugar bowl so it’s easy to get a pinch of.)

I mixed it all together with my fingers.

Warm some olive oil in a pan at about medium heat.

Then, the cheese goes into the egg with one hand,

mixed around in the bread crumbs with the other hand, and dropped into the oil. 

I used a fork to turn them around in the oil.  You want them to get browned, but not to melt all over the place.

Although, when they do ooze out and the cheese gets browned, it’s delicious and kinda nutty.

You’ll want to work in small batches so you can control how done they get. 

When they are done, serve immediately. We made pizza the other night and had some jarred pizza sauce leftover. It made a great dipping sauce for the cheese bites.

Just be sure that you (and whomever you’re feeding) can actually eat as much cheese as you started out with. I just cooked what was left in the fridge and ended up eating so much fried cheese that I felt fried.

Cheese is good. Too much cheese is dangerous.

I think I’m gonna go run a mile.

Well, I would.

If I ran.

But I take pictures, and cook, and blog, and scrapbook, and budget, and teach and. . .