Let me tell you a bit about my younger daughter.  She is so sweet (go ahead, roll your eyes).  And she is so cute. . .but she knows it.

She has taken to doing naughty little things like back-talking and throwing toys, but just as soon as you begin to correct her. . .”I sawwy Mommy.” 

Is there a mother in this world who can resist “I sawwy”?  And as if that weren’t enough, she throws her tiny arms around your neck and smiles as if to say, “C’mon Mommy, you can’t seriously get upset with me.  This is me we’re talking about!  Just look at these tiny teeth and chubby cheeks!”

And of course, I melt. 

Now, I went through a similar phase a few years back when my only daughter was two.  Now, she’s five and acutely aware of her little sister’s trick.  She keeps me honest, that bigger girl does, when her little sister grins after smearing diaper cream in her hair or points to her own crocodile tears when she doesn’t get more cheese at dinner.  

Yes sir, she knows exactly how cute she is.  And she is cute, mind you, inordinately cute.  The other day, I turned around to see her dressed like this.

Can you believe it?  As a photography hobbyist, I immediately grabbed my camera and attempted to get “the shot.”  But do you know what she did?  She sat on a sit-n-spin in front of the tv.  Nasty blue glow across her face and a bright red toy in front of her.  That was not the shot! 

“Oh, c’mon Baby, let’s go see what the doggy is doing!”  We run to the window–yes!–no.  She looks at me and smiles and poses.  I lift the camera and she turns away.  

“Baby, look at Mommy!”  There’s that guileful grin again and. . .it’s gone before the shutter can even blink.

I guess that’s the way of a photographer’s child.

Oh well, at least I still have The Big Cheese:

She’ll always give me a grin.  I probably need to get some newer ones uploaded though.