We went to the zoo on Saturday. We got a family membership last year for Christmas which was a great bargain. But after a few hours in the hot Texas-in-August weather, we were ready for a break.

So we planned a Family Movie Night. My daughter thinks anytime we watch TV with dinner its Family Movie Night. Even if we’re just watching Food Network Challenge. I guess that’s a good thing, right? At least she thinks food in front of the TV is a special occasion. Or is it a bad thing because we do it sometimes when it’s not? Oh well, this isn’t really part of my story, just the daily frets of a young mother.

So, we got everyone showered and in pajamas, laid out our sleeping bag and ordered a pizza. When the Man of the House left to pick it up (pick-up is cheaper than delivery), he called me into the garage to see something.

A hummingbird! It had lighted on the string to our attic hatch. It’s not very often you see a hummingbird sitting still.

The poor thing was stuck in our garage. This has happened before. Sadly, we found the hummingbird’s dead body the last time. They fly in and try to get out the window and get stuck in the gable and wear themselves out. So sad.

So I had to rescue the hummingbird. I tried to catch him in my hands, but the little booger got away and went to the window–noooooooooo!

By then my little women were out to check this out. I got a broom and attempted to force him to perch on it.

I was afraid I had hurt the wee fellow. He just sat there watching us watching him.

My big girl got to touch him!

The little miss tried to touch him, but suddenly. . .

he flew away.

Born Free!

Happy Ending.

Way more exciting than the zoo.