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Welcome to Scrapbook Sunday. This is just my scrapbook 100 series with its own dedicated weekly day.  Keeps it simpler for me and easy for those of you following along to know when to drop by. 

Of course, I’d love to have you other days too when I’m talking food, money, and homeschooling.

Today, we’ll be making a 12×12 layout using one 4×6 horizontal photo.  The most important thing to remember when scrapbooking is that there is no right or wrong way to do this.  We are doing a layout together for the sake of having a direction to introduce techniques.  If you like it, feel free to “scraplift” the layout and use it yourself.  Or maybe you just like what I did with the embellishments or whatever.  Make it yours.

You can even take the same layout and turn it on its side or flip it or replace the one photo with two smaller ones.  Your choice of photo, paper, letters, etc. will vary your page dramatically.

This is the inspiration.  A page I made a few months back about my daughter at five years old. 

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And this is the page I made today using the exact same layout and techniques. 

The same, yes, but different.  Oh, by the way, I actually haven’t printed any photos in a while, so this is just a random flower photo I took.  When I get some printed of my girls, I’ll just replace the flower with a photo and add journaling of something that tells a story.

That’s not to say you can’t scrapbook a flower photo–I just don’t have a story for it.

 Begin with a 12×12 piece of cardstock. (Textured looks better when you’re going to be showing this much of it.)


And you’ll need one piece of patterned paper cut to 9 inches by 6 1/2 inches.  If your paper has a top/bottom, be sure to make the sides shorter and the top/bottom longer.   (For directions on cutting your paper or cardstock, click here.)

You’ll also need a coordinating sheet of cardstock for matting the photo.  Matting simply means stacking the photo on a slightly larger sheet of paper or cardstock to surround the photo with a border.

The photo is 4×6 and we want a 1/4 inch border on each side.  1/4 inch on both sides means 1/2 inch overall, that’s 4 1/2 x 6 1/2.  So cut your cardstock to those dimensions.


Okay, remember the adhesives we discussed.  Well, there’s something you should know.  Don’t use them the way the box tells you to!  It says to run the dispenser along your paper to distribute the double sided tape (I call them stickies).  Actually, you can advance the stickies one-by-one and just use them on the corners of most things.  On especially long sheets, you might use a few in the middle.  Like so:


If you’re extremely picky, you may use a ruler to center the photo over the cardstock, but scrapbooks are meant to look handmade, so I just eyeball it.

 Now, apply the same technique with the photo mat and the patterned paper you cut earlier. 


Then attach that to the upper portion of your 12×12 page. 

 Now let’s turn our attention to embellishments.  On each of my pages, I used flowers.  One page has die-cut paper, the other has scrapbook flowers attached with brads.  You could uses circles or stars or whatever.  Put one near the corner of the photo mat and one slightly higher and further away.

Okay, let’s not talk about my flowers on the flower.  This is not something I would normally do, but remember, I’m going to change the photo.

Next, we’re going to use some brads (yay, brads!).  Put one just above the patterned paper in-line with the flower or whatever below it.  Put the other one about 2 1/2 inches below the paper also in line. 

And now, fibers.  Choose a coordinating fiber and begin to wrap it around the brads.  Mine was a full yard long. 

Then tie it off and snip the ends.


Next, we contemplate a title.  You can use a packaged title, like this rhinestone one,

or a cardstock sticker like this one,

or just use letters to make up your own title. 

When I apply the title, I like to have the letters touching/overlapping the paper just a little bit.  I think it sort of unifies everything. 

Once you get your title on, it’s time for some journaling.  Journaling is the scrapbook term for the words on the page that give it meaning.  It can be a story, the lyrics to a song, a poem, or simply the date of the event.

On the layout of my daughter at five-years-old, I simply wrote five descriptive sentences about her.  They are  written on strips of cardstock.  You can cut before or after.  Probably before is safest.  Free hand-it or cut 3/8 inch strips.  Then handwrite your journaling.


To attach the strips, you can use glue dots, zots, glue stick, or stickies (Herma Vario).  Just cut a sticky in half like this.

And apply like this.

Then stick them down.  I find if you stagger them a bit, it makes for a more interesting layout and hides any design imperfections.

Now, step back and admire your work.

Now, that wasn’t so hard; was it?