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I’ve decided to write about scrapbooking on the weekends.  This weekend, look for the first edition of Scrapbook Sunday. 

Before that, though, I thought I’d go ahead and share the technique for applying eyelets to pages.

Eyelets are similar to brads.  They are small embellishments that you can use to add color, texture, dimension, or to secure fibers.  They come in several sizes, shapes, and colors.

However, with brads, the brad itself covers the point where it pierces the page.  With eyelets, you actually have a hole in your page that is sealed with the metal of the eyelet. Brads require no extra equipment.

To place an eyelet, you’ll need a self-healing mat. . .

08 13 09_3704

And an eyelet setter. I have two varieties.

My newest is the ProvoCraft Silent Setter. A birthday present last month. (Thanks, Coco!)

Silent Setter outside

silent setter opened

And I also have these; I call them springies. I don’t really know what you call them. I googled “spring eyelet setter” and it comes up with these, so I guess that’s a good enough name. They are Fiskars brand.

Springy Piercing side and eyelet

Each of these tools has three sizes of piercers and setters. Notice the eyelet in the above photo. The opening is closest in size to the middle eyelet setter, so that’s the one we’ll use.

First, place your paper on top of the self-healing mat. Then place the piercing end of the setter where you want the eyelet to go. (The piercing end is the one with the hole.)

placing the springy

Pull up on the spring and release.

stretching the springy

When you move the springy away, you should see the hole. If it’s not all the way through, just pull and release the spring a few more times.

pierced hole

Now, insert the eyelet. Turn the paper over so you are looking at the backside of your page and the backside of the eyelet.

eyelet on backside of paper

Now find the setting side of the tool, and place it on top of the backside of your eyelet.

springy finished

Pull and release the spring a few times to set the eyelet. It may look boogered-up (broken/messed-up for those of you who don’t speak southern) but that’s just the backside. The front should look fine.

One tip with the springies: Be sure you are working on a sturdy surface.  A strong table, counter-top or even the floor is necessary to make these work. I usually scrap on a folding table and it gives too much when the spring hits.

The silent setter works much the same way, but instead of springing, you just press the tool with the heel of your hand. There are interchangeable piercing and setting heads.

Silent Piercing:

silent setter piercing

Silent Setting:

silent setter setting

Now we have two lovely set eyelets:

two eyelets set

What can we do with them?

They can be accents on the page. They can be corner embellishments for photos. They can be the letter “o” in a word! Or, as I usually do with them, they can have a fiber or ribbon threaded through.

string through holes

I use an embroidery needle (very large, not sharp) to more easily thread the fiber through, but you can just use your fingers, or even a tiny crochet hook. Or a needle threader.

Once you get the string through, you can tie the fiber/string in front and have a little bow or knot.

tied in front

Or you can tie in the back and have a nice neat line.

08 13 09_3703

And there you go. Now you can set eyelets with ease.