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I haven’t posted about cooking in a while. I bet you thought I ran out of recipes.

In truth, there hasn’t been much good coming out of my kitchen lately. I think creativity comes in spurts. And it applies in different areas. Lately, I’ve been focused on starting first grade homeschooling.

I didn’t think you’d want the recipe for frozen pizza or hamburgers or another chicken nuggets recipe. I actually did make some pretty killer chicken-fried steak the other day, but there has never been a day on this earth that I have made a decent gravy to go with it.

Some time back, I asked the Man of the House, “What do I cook that makes you think, my wife really makes the best. . .?” His reply: Asparagus. Seriously? Not exactly the kind of dish you take to family dinners to show off your great cooking skills.

But, I happened to cook said dish last night and thought I’d let you in on my secret (har,har).

Begin with fresh asparagus. They say the fat stalks are more tender, but these little skinny ones looked good to me.

To begin, give them a wash off.    *Please shower before entering the pool. *

Then, grasp each end of a stalk and bend it till it snaps. (If you’ve let yours linger in the crisper drawer a bit too long, they will be a little rubbery and break higher on the stalk.)

Now, you can either continue with the snapping until you’ve done all of them, OR you can line them up and cut off the bottoms at the same point as the first one.

Meanwhile, get some water boiling.

When you have a nice rolling boil, drop the green guys in.  Everybody into the pool!

Now, watch the clock. They don’t need to be in for more than about 3-4 minutes.

Just look at that gorgeous color! I love green. Especially slightly cooked veggie green. Oh, and baby leaf green.   And grassy meadows after a rain.

Oh, yeah, take them out!

I usually serve the asparagus on a plate. Drizzle with plenty of extra virgin olive oil.

Sprinkle with salt–kosher makes a difference, seriously–and serve.

When you’re feeling fancy, put a little pan on the stove with about a quarter cup of balsamic vinegar in it. Boil it down until it’s reduced by half and kinda syrupy. Then pour the balsamic glaze over the asparagus too.

Although I hated asparagus as a child–my parents like the canned kind–my children love this.  Curiously, the older child won’t eat the tips though.  That’s the best part!