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Why am I showing you a photo of dishwasher detergent? The Man of the House thought you would like to know that he is changing some of his thought patterns as well.

Last week, we ran out of detergent between grocery trips. (Y’know, it’s just not one of the things I think to check before going grocery shopping.) So, on his way home, the Man of the House stopped by the store for me.

He’s so good about that. Stopping by the store, I mean. He calls me everyday to check if I need him to get anything on his way home. I think it’s his insurance policy against being sent to the store at 10:00pm, but it’s sweet nonetheless.

Back to the story.  He had about $10 in his pocket and he could have bought the fancy convenience packs we normally buy, but he decided to do some comparative investigation and found that this was half the price.  He was so proud of himself when he came home with a bargain.   And, he explained, if it doesn’t clean as well, we’ll just get the expensive ones again next time. 

But if it does clean as well, it’s not THAT much more trouble to squeeze the bottle instead of dropping the little pack in there.  Geez Louise, are we spoiled or what?

He’s not completely converted though.  When I mentioned that I had earned over $11 on inbox dollars but they won’t pay you until you reach $30, he said, “Well, when that thirty dollars comes, that’s a dinner out!” 

Or thirty dollars less debt!  It’s hard to think that a little ol’ thirty dollars could matter, but goodness, I earned that money at 2 cents per email.  Little by little, it adds up.  (Did you read the Proverbial Wisdom?) 

Little by little.  That’s my motto.

Whatsa motto?   Nothing, whatsa motto you?

Encourage one another,