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I began to suspect we were on the road to homeschooling when my daughter (almost four at the time) asked for “the world” for Christmas and this is what she meant.

A globe. Santa Claus brought her a lovely, school-friendly globe and an inflatable, preschooler-friendly globe. She got the world twice over!

In preparation for first grade, we purchased this map from National Geographic.

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Can I just tell you how much I love the National Geographic customer service people? When I first received the map, its package was crushed, and the laminated map inside was wrinkled. I was so disappointed. Even if they would return it, I’d have to go to the post office and probably have to pay for shipping. I was really bummed. But, I emailed customer service and they sent me a new map, totally free. I even got to keep the damaged one.

Anyone need a damaged map?

The globe has political boundaries, so we got a map that showed  the natural features of the land.

What I really love about this map is that it’s a composite of actual satelite photographs. Have a closer look.

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You can clearly see the lush green areas around the Nile River and even the greenish area in the desert that was the Fertile Crescent.

map to blog

So cool!

I love maps.

PS If anybody (Lady’s Mom, maybe) knows where Santa Claus may have found that globe, please list it in the comments. My friend was interested in buying one for her daughter.