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Before we go step by step through a page layout, there’s one more embellishment I wanted to introduce. Fibers.

08 13 09_3705

Fibers are a lot like yarn, but hairier and prettier. You may have noticed in the above photo that I have a lot of fibers. I got a GREAT deal on fiber. My friend Coco searched Ebay–she’s really good at finding stuff on ebay–and she found a scrapbook supplier selling fibers at $1 for 15 yards. WOW! The 15 yard packages came in several color combinations. We ended up buying about 20 each. So, now I have, what is that? Three hundred yards of fiber? Holy Fibers, Batman!

Well, I’ve used quite a bit of it since that time, so maybe only 295 yards or so. The point is, scrapbooking does not have to be super expensive if you take a little time to look at what you use and buy it when it’s cheapest.

Coco, if you’re reading this, do you have the name of the Ebay store?

Anyway, by now you’re wondering what the heck I’m rambling on about. I’ll show you.

08 13 09_3669

Ooh, Ahh, all the pretty colors.

08 13 09_3668

Sometimes I like to experiment with different color combinations by laying out the fibers like this. It gives a depth of hue otherwise unavailable in media such as. . .blah, blah, blah. . .let’s see the pretty colors again.

08 13 09_3667

Here’s a page where I used fibers in a few different places.

08 13 09_3706

You can see it’s used as a line of color and a sort of tassel. 

08 13 09_3707

There’s a close-up of a tassel.  I just tied the fibers onto a scrapbook safe (acid/lignin free) paperclip to add some color and texture to draw the eye to that photo.

08 13 09_3709

The main reason for using fibers is that it adds such texture and interest to the page.  It’s more than just a line of color.

08 13 09_3710

So there you have it.  Now, we’re ready for some fun.

Don’t fret, the layout I have to begin with is much simpler than this one.